The Samah' El Yanuf II, son of Dhamar El Watar II, had his name carved into parts of the dam to mark the completion and repair of the dam
The new dam is 38 m 125 ft high, 763 m 2,503 ft long, built of earth across the Wadi Dhana at , creating a storage capacity of 398 million cubic meters [ ] Modern dam [ ] The current dam in 1986 A new dam was built in the 1980s, close to the location of the old one, at the expense of , the late , whose tribe reportedly resettled from Ma'rib to what is now the , some time during the 17th century, or in the 6th century, after the collapse of the historical dam

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The gate of the main channel for groundwater was opened in the valley of Ubaida for three months, where the quantity of water flowing amounted to 80 million cubic meters.

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Yemeni officials said that Saudi Arabian coalition forces were responsible for the airstrike
The inscriptions on the dam explain the costs of repair and the large number of workers involved
مطاعم سد مأرب (الأسعار + المنيو + الموقع )
" Map all coordinates using: Download coordinates as: The dam was damaged in an airstrike in 2015
, also an archaeological site Notes [ ]• The dam's position allowed for a and between the northern end of the dam and the to the west The same problems of siltation encountered in the ancient dam was also faced in the construction of the new dam
However, the bed at the new dam site consists of sand and gravel material 30—50 m thick [ ] Some tentative findings suggest that simple and a network were constructed as far back as around 1750 BC, but the most reliable information dates the Great Dam of Ma'rib to about the 8th century BC

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Yemen: 3000 Years of Art and Civilisation in Arabia Felix.

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The new dam, like the old, was designed to store water for irrigating the Ma'rib plains
مطعم سد مأرب في الدمام (المنيو الكامل) الاسعار و التقييم النهائي
The complexity and volume of work involved in this project make it necessary that several organizations work together under the aegis of , using financial contributions from international organizations
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9 mi upstream of the ruins of the Great Dam